1:1 OG Language Skills Development

Students who struggle with reading, writing, spelling and comprehension tasks will benefit from working with one of our 1:1 Orton-Gillingham language tutors. We conduct a diagnostic assessment of each student’s achievement levels and create an individualized program to improve skills.

This proven, successful program will benefit students who do not get this type of individual attention in their regular school.

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1:1 Math Tutoring

Students who have difficulty processing math will benefit from working with a 1:1 math tutor in our After3 program. Our tutors work with students to fill in any gaps in math knowledge and work towards bringing each student up to grade level.

Tutors work at a student’s level of success and build from there, so students always feel that they can be successful and make progress.

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Do you have questions about After3 Tutoring?

Contact Colleen Chow, Assistant Director of Learning Services, at after3@fraseracademy.ca.